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Spent grain dog biscuit recipe: Homebrew treats for your best friend

February 18, 2013 By: mike Category: Homebrew, Oddities

Spent grain dog treats - Jack

I do my best to compost all my spent homebrew grain, but when the compost pile gets too unwieldy, I’ve had to dump grain in the trash. It’s a sticky, stinky mess.

So I’ve found another way to make use of my spent grains — and it makes my dog Jack and his buddies really happy.

Making dog biscuits out of your spent homebrew grains is an easy way to make snacks for your puppy with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

And while I can’t vouch for how healthy these treats are — similar recipes are all over the Internet — the dogs love them.


2 cups spent grain
1 cup flour
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 egg

The recipe make about two-and-a-half dozen medium-sized biscuits.

Spent grain dog treats - grain Start with two cups of spent grain. Be sure to make these treats on brew day or refrigerate the grains and make them in a few days before they get moldy.

Spent grain dog treats - ingredientsCombine all your ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

Spent grain dog treats - shapesTake a rolling pin and create a dense layer on your counter. Cut out your shapes with a cookie cutter or knife. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we created hearts.

Spent grain dog treats - bakedBake the biscuits at 350 F for 30 minutes to solidify them. Then, turn the heat down to 225 F and bake for additional 3 hours to dry them out and prevent mold growth. Once they cool, be sure to store them in an airtight container.

Spent grain dog treats - bagJack decided to share his loot and gave treats to his buddies. He was a popular pup on Valentine’s Day!