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Louisiana Gulf Oyster Dinner with Ghost River this Friday

September 27, 2011 By: grant Category: Events, Memphis

Gold Band Oyster DinnerIf you like oysters and beer (and who doesn’t), you should think about going to The Grove Grill‘s Louisiana Gulf Oyster Dinner on Friday. Four courses of Gold Band Oysters will be paired with four different Ghost River brews, including its standby golden and pale ale and seasonal  Oktoberfest  and Black Magic. Sounds tasty. It’s $48.

Only limited seating is available, so call 901-818-9951 for reservations. The Grove Grill is on Poplar near the Oak Court Mall in East Memphis.

This recipe calls for drunk

June 23, 2011 By: grant Category: Cooking with beer, Video

I don’t really know how to cook without drinking, but Hannah Hart takes it to a different kind of level. She hosts My Drunk Kitchen, a web video series in which she gets drunk and cooks. It’s pretty funny, as she’s much more successful with the getting drunk part than the cooking anything edible part.

I’m quite the fan of Mexican food, so here’s Hannah getting drunk and barely managing turkey tacos.

Check out this Time interview with Hannah. She says she doesn’t actually drink very much outside of these videos, which might explain why she’s able to get drunk during the time it takes to make a grilled-cheese sandwich.

In the spirit of things, here’s a list from a Kansas City blog on the five best uses for beer in cooking.

I definitely agree with the beer-in-chili assessment. I usually add a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to my venison chili aka Fire Hole Chili. Sadly, I’ve not tried the other four recipes. It’s actually kind of embarrassing that I’ve never tried beer-can chicken before, since soon as the weather’s nice I do pretty much all of my cooking outside on the grill. It’s a priority.

Got more of a sweet tooth? Gotcha covered with this Guinness Stout Brownies recipe.

Happy drunk cooking!

Beer party idea: Fill up some kiddie pools!

June 06, 2011 By: mike Category: Oddities

Beer party - kiddie pools!

This past weekend, my brother Mark celebrated his 30th birthday, and we resurrected an idea for a party I helped host a decade ago.

The idea is simple: grab a few kiddie pools and fill ’em with ice. Invite your friends and have them each bring a six-pack of craft or import beer. Chill the beers in the pool and then pick and choose different beers all night.

My roommates and I used to have a beer party like this every summer a decade ago on McLean in Midtown and had a live band and something like 300 people at our house, which always drew the cops. It was nuts.

Turns out the last time we did this my brother was celebrating his 21st birthday. So nine years later, we did it again.

This one was a little more low-key, but it was a lot of fun. I brought a “tacklebox” mixer of 12 beers from Sweet Water Brewing Company, which went pretty quick. The pools had lots of Hefeweizens and summer seasonals and then a mix of other styles.

To whomever brought the Stone IPA and Stone Pale Ale, thank you! I had one of each, and they were delicious.

Beer party - pink poolThe FuzzyBrew crew surrounded the pink pool and claimed all its contents.

Beer party - What's in the poolBeers on ice.

Beer party - blue poolThe blue pool.

Firesale on Schlafly at Schnucks

December 10, 2010 By: mike Category: Craft beer, Memphis

If you live in the Memphis area and are a fan of St.Louis’ Schlafly beers, head to Schnucks ASAP.

Schlafly’s Pale Ale, Hefeweizen and Dry-Hopped APA are all just $6.49 a six-pack, at least at the Schnucks at 576 S. Perkins. That’s a buck off the already pretty inexpensive price of $7.49 for this Missouri-made craft beer. I haven’t tried the Hefeweizen, but the Pale Ale and Dry-Hopped APA are fantastic.

I grabbed the four sixers of the Dry-Hopped APA that were on the shelf. I hope there’s some left in the back for you.

Schlafly's Dry-Hopped APA