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Keep your beer lines cold with a DIY glycol chiller

April 06, 2011 By: grant Category: Craft beer, DIY, Homebrew, How to

Glycol chiller for beer line coolingThis one’s for you unflaggable DIYers. Stan Blosser realized he had a bit of a problem while setting up his home brewing system: his kegs were about 10 feet away from his tap tower, and in transit the beer got too warm and foamy.

So he set out to design and build beer line chiller, using a dehumidifier, a pump, a motorcycle oil cooler and lots of other fun-sounding mechanical bits.

He was ultimately successful, and has a bunch of great advice for anyone facing the same problem, but this is not a project for the easily deterred. Also, math is involved.

Found via Hack A Day.

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