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WANTED: Ghost River Brewing bottle caps

October 17, 2012 By: mike Category: Breweries, Memphis, Oddities

Ghost River caps
There’s a bottle cap collector in New Albany, N.Y., who’s trying to get his hands on some Ghost River Brewing bottle caps. And he needs your help, beer drinkers of Memphis.

This guy has over 20,000 caps in his collection, and he wants to add a few from Memphis’ lone production craft brewery.

“I e-mailed the brewery but my request for some caps fell on deaf ears, so I turn to the good craft beer drinkers of Memphis,” the collector wrote this afternoon in a plea on Craigslist.

If you can help him out, here’s the listing on Craigslist. He says he’ll pay for shipping costs and maybe some more.

Brew loot!

December 27, 2010 By: grant Category: Beer Gear, Breweries, Homebrew

Fermenting RevolutionThis guy had a brewtacular Christmas. Some beer-related awesome loot I received:

Friends Jon and Bridget got me “Fermenting Revolution: How to drink beer and save the world.” I’m about halfway through — I’ll have a full review soon so for now I’ll just say it’s pretty damn good. The author blogs over at beeractivist.com.

My sister, Emily,  got me a brew hauler — a strap system for carrying a carboy full of beer — which will hopefully keep me from losing precious home brew in a glass-exploding disaster.

Both my sister and my wife, Carrie, got me growler koozies — my sister got me one that fits growlers from Duclaw Brewing Company in Maryland, of which I have three, and Carrie got me one from Boscos here in Memphis, of which I rotate two in and out with the pub’s IPA and Flaming Stone on a regular basis. Boscos’ sister company, Ghost River, also sells koozies for its growlers, which are different from Boscos’ only in their graphics.

Growler koozies

Growler koozies!

Both my sister and mother-in-law, Susan, got me bottle caps, which is perfect as we’ve got about 10 gallons of beer to bottle upon our return to the mid-South.

My sister- and brother-in-law Natalie and Aaron got us four beer taster glasses from the Delafield Brewhaus! This means more sharing of homebrew at the York Avenue Tavern. And if all goes as planned today we’ll be sampling the brewhaus’ microbrews tonight.

Delafield Brewhaus taster glasses

And last, but certainly not least, Carrie got me a six-month subscription to Joe’s Wine & Liquors‘ Beer-of-the-Month club! Huzzah!