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All hail the Beerkini

October 07, 2011 By: grant Category: How to

Instructables user scoochmaroo has managed to combine so many of my interests — crafts, beer and bikinis — all into one glorious how-to.

She has laid out the steps for making your very own beerkini, a combination bikini-bottle opener, which is of course the perfect marriage of practical and sexy and awesome.

Scoochmaroo includes a pattern for the suit for the not one, but two(!) bottle openers strategically placed for awesomeness.

It’s a well put-together tutorial, which by following one will be much more likely to succeed. She offers her best bit of advice at the end:

Unless you are a lycra ninja (which I’m sure some of you are!), save yourselves the multiple headaches that I encountered in dealing with this slippery, fussy material (and I do consider myself a very experienced sewer, as it was my job for about 10 years), and just buy yourself a d$%n swimsuit.   Cut it apart and sew in some bottle openers.  Seriously.  It will take you 20 minutes instead of 20 hours.  And you know it will fit.