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Yazoo Brewing Company’s Linus Hall weighs in on ‘Craft v. Crafty’ debate

December 20, 2012 By: mike Category: Breweries, Craft beer, Opinion

Yazoo Brewing CompanyWednesday was a busy day for beer news in the Mid-South, with the announcement of the opening of a new brewery in Memphis and news that Brooklyn Brewery will start distribution of its beers in Memphis in February.

So I missed the fact that Yazoo Brewing Company’s founder Linus Hall weighed in on the “Craft v. Crafty” debate, spurred by a statement last week from the Brewers Association regarding the increase in production of craft-like beers by large, non-craft breweries.

The not-for-profit trade association called out Anheuser-Bush InBev and SABMiller for blurring the lines “between their crafty, craft-like beers and true craft beers from today’s small and independent brewers.” (Read the statement here.)

Hall responded Wednesday on Yazoo’s blog.

I personally think that the general public deserves to make up their own mind on what beer and brands they want to support with their hard-earned money.  Most “craft” beer drinkers are choosing to buy their beers based on flavor and taste, but also because they like to support small businesses, often ones based in their own community.  My main problem with the brands that the Brewers Association called out as “faux crafty”, brands like MillerCoors’ Blue Moon or A-B’s Shock Top, is that the consumer is often confused as to who the true brewer of the brand is.  But the same can be said of a lot of the “craft” beers on the shelf in your local Kroger, that are solely contract-brewed at big facilities like City Brewery’s plants in Wisconsin and now in Memphis.

Read Hall’s full blog post here.

The Case for Beer: Why You Should Enjoy it and Enjoy it Right (Infographic)

May 05, 2012 By: mike Category: Beer learnin', Craft beer, Opinion

If you’re drinking your beer ice cold, you’re doing it wrong. If it’s too cold, you miss out on certain flavors and aromas.

Get more good tips in the infographic below from FrugalDad.com:

Beer Infographic

Zymurgy’s ‘Best Beers in America’ survey for 2011

July 09, 2011 By: jeff Category: Beer in the news, Craft beer, Opinion

zymurgy mag

The cover of the latest Zymurgy magazine

It’s a glorious day when the latest issue of Zymurgy arrives in my mailbox.

This is the magazine that the American Homebrewers Association puts out six times a year.  Obviously one benefit of being an AHA member is a subscription to the magazine.

This issue had the results of their 9th annual survey where they ask members to rank everything from your 20 favorite beers to top imports.

Apparently, they received a record 3,259 votes for over 1,300 beers from over 430 breweries.  I’m always too lazy to vote but find it interesting to see where people rank their favorites.

The five top-ranked beers were:

1. Russian River Pliney the Elder (for the third year in a row)

2. Bell’s Two Hearted Ale (the mag also had a clone recipe for this.  Grant?)

3. (tie) Dogfish Head’s 90 minute IPA

3. (tie) Founders’ Breakfast Stout

5. Bell’s Hopslam

These guys were so infatuated with Pliney the Elder they decided to write a song about the beer. Check it out:

Sadly, I’ve yet to try the Breakfast Stout or Hopslam. Grant was kind enough to share some of his Two Hearted Ale the other night from a recent trip north.

For a complete list of the survey rankings, click here.

How does this list compare to your favorites?  Leave us a comment.

Cheap beer, cops and criminals

May 16, 2011 By: mike Category: Beer in the news, Memphis, Opinion

Cheap beer has been getting some Tennesseans in trouble recently, from petty thieves to police officers.

David BoganLet’s start with 45-year-old David Bogan, of Memphis.

Bogan is accused of stealing a commercial cooler full of Bud Light from a neighborhood grocery store. He was apparently pushing the cooler down the street in plain view of cops.

As you can see by the bandage on his nose, Bogan attempted to flee and officers subdued Bogan by “assisting him to the ground,” according to the court document. The whole thing resulted in charges that included assaulting an officer, resisting official detention, evading arrest and theft.

All for some Bud Light…

Kingsport Police DepartmentMeanwhile, over in Kingsport, Tenn., a sergeant for the Kingsport Police Department resigned and two officers have been recommended for termination after a brew-haha over some confiscated beer.

Several Kingsport officers responded to a party where there was underage drinking and confiscated three full cases of Natural Lite beer and part of a fourth case.

Instead of dumping the beer, like they wrote in the paperwork, the beer was given to a sergeant for his personal consumption.

The real story got out and has caused quite the stir in this East Tennessee town.

All for some Natty Lite…