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Miller Lite adds yet another gimmick

April 30, 2012 By: grant Category: Breweries, DIY, Funny

First it was the tornado neck in its glass bottles, now it’s a punch top in its cans.

Miler Lite has unveiled a new Punch Top Can — the new standard for all Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft 12- and 16-ounce cans — that’s  designed to increase airflow and reduce glug, according to the press release on Beerpulse.

I spent a little while the other night trying to replicate and film the punch top on a number of Miller Lites with various objects — old-style can opener, my wife’s car keys, ballpoint pen, hunting knife — to test how well the idea works and how easy it would be to do on any can.

Well, first of all, it’s pretty easy to do this on any can, with just about any pointy thing you can think of. In the course of the experiment, I kept screwing up the video, and subsequently had many Miller Lites to drink. Lets just say the videos are now safely locked away in the FuzzyBrew vault, although I can assure you they are hilarious.

Secondly, a second hole in the top does work, though if you have trouble pouring beer out of a can, be it into glass or mouth, you’ve probably got bigger problems than glug. About the only real application I can see is for chugging contests, when that extra airflow might give you the upper hand against punch-top-unenlightened opponents.

Oh, and here’s a video:

Crafting with coasters (in the garage!)

March 05, 2012 By: mike Category: DIY, How to

Coaster display in the garage

Coasters from various bars and brewpubs have been stacking up at my house for months now. For awhile, I was saving them just to save them. Then I saw a display of coasters on the wall at Mid-South Malts and got inspired.

This was a quick-and-easy project that helped brighten an empty wall in my attached garage, right between the button for the garage door and the door that leads into my house.

I bought a package of Scotch Indoor Mounting Squares for about $5 at a local home improvement store. I affixed one square to the back of each coaster and stuck them on the wall. That’s it!

It looks great now, and I can still add more as I collect more.

Coasters in garage

Midsouth Makers makin’ homebrew Sunday

September 09, 2011 By: grant Category: DIY, Events, Memphis

The Midsouth Makers, a local group of folks who work together to make and learn, is delving into homebrewing on Sunday. They’re new to homebrew, and are collectively going to tackle a Honey Ale and American Wheat.

If you’re interested in joining them for an afternoon of homebrewing, holler at the group’s secretary, Joe Ferguson, so he can be on the lookout for you. And bring some beer. The homebrewing goes down at 2:30 Sunday at the group’s hackerspace at 2203 Freemont Road. More details here.

Beer can surfboard

June 25, 2011 By: grant Category: DIY

Granted, there aren’t many surfing opportunities close to Memphis, but this is pretty neat.

A couple of dudes in San Diego collected their empties and epoxied them all together.

Head on over to Geeky Gadgets to learn more about this project.

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