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How beer saved the world infographic

March 29, 2012 By: grant Category: Beer learnin', History of beer

Here’s a fun and informative infographic from Sex, Cigars & Booze:

how beer saved the world

How to talk like a beer snob [infographic]

August 13, 2011 By: mike Category: Beer learnin', How to

Here’s a good infographic for those still learning the basics of beer. Happy Saturday.

Learn the Language of Beer (Infographic)
Source: Pimsleur Approach

Build Franklin Bells with beer cans and high voltage

June 19, 2011 By: grant Category: Beer learnin', DIY, How to

Playing with high voltage seems like a good idea after a few beers. Save your empties!

Learn all about it at teravolt.org. [via hackaday]

Beer helps you learn subconsciously. Among those things is that you learn is that beer is awesome.

June 17, 2011 By: grant Category: Beer in the news, Beer learnin'

beer and scienceA new study from my new neurobiologist hero Hitoshi Morikawa concludes that alcohol consumption triggers a kind of subconscious learning, different than say,

Whoa! Hold on there SCIENCE! I thought beer made me forget stuff, like my credit card at the bar or where I put my shoes or where am I?

When we drink alcohol (or shoot up heroin, or snort cocaine, or take methamphetamines), our subconscious is learning to consume more. But it doesn’t stop there. We become more receptive to forming subsconscious memories and habits with respect to food, music, even people and social situations … Among the things we learn is that drinking alcohol is rewarding. We also learn that going to the bar, chatting with friends, eating certain foods and listening to certain kinds of music are rewarding. The more often we do these things while drinking, and the more dopamine that gets released, the more “potentiated” the various synapses become and the more we crave the set of experiences and associations that orbit around the alcohol use.