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Stuart Gellis’ awesome sports beer can collection

June 11, 2012 By: mike Category: Beer Gear, Oddities

When the Memphis Grizzlies and Coors Light teamed up in February to release a 24-oz. special edition Memphis Grizzlies Coors Light beer can, it became an instant collectible. I got an e-mail from Stuart Gellis, of New Rochelle, New York, who has a collection of some 6,000 beer cans displayed at his house and wanted to add the Grizzlies commemorative can to his lot. I sent two cans to him in return for the guest post below. Thanks for sharing your story, Stuart! -Mike


Gellis - Beer cans - 1

Thirty years ago, I discovered “Sports Beer Can” collecting as a substitute for baseball cards and memorabilia, which became too expensive for my wallet. Sports, beer and collecting were my passions, and this was an inexpensive way to satisfy my cravings.

Gellis - Beer cans - 2

The vibrant colors and artwork were spectacular. My travels for work allowed me to visit beer outlets throughout the U.S., and I think I have been to every bar and store in every state, or so it seems. The search was exhilarating, and the cans were plentiful.

Gellis - Beer cans - 3

I set up my own rules to determine what constituted a “Sports Can.” Each can must show or mention something related to a competitive sport, a specific team, an individual, an event, a schedule or a venue. Cans featuring cartoons, silhouettes, etc., of competitive sports figures in uniform may also qualify. Cans that show outdoors activities such as skiing, sailing, fishing or hunting don’t qualify unless there is reference to a competitive event. (These are my rules, but your rules might be different.)
Gellis - Beer cans - 4

Using these criteria, I have been able to accumulate over 6,000 cans through buying, selling, trading and attending “breweriana” shows sponsored by the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA). Trading these cans with fellow collectors in all the states has been challenging but most enjoyable. I have met some of the nicest people you can imagine. All my cans are displayed in my basement mancave on shelves that I made of 2 1/2″ aluminum “L” strips screwed into the wall. There is no criteria as to how you might display your cans, as long as you enjoy yourself and have a beer on me. Cheers.

Buying and refilling C02 in the Memphis area

February 03, 2012 By: grant Category: Beer Gear, How to, Memphis

Bluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs VP Richard Heath put together a post on where to buy and refill C02 in the Memphis area:

This is a question that seems to come up with some regularity, so here is the information all in one place. [source]

He’s put together a great list with maps and links and directions, so check it out. I’m closing comments on this post, so your corrections and additions need to be made on Richard’s original post.


A very beery Christmas haul

December 30, 2011 By: mike Category: Beer Gear, Homebrew, Oddities

Santa was good to me this Christmas and got me plenty of beer-related goodies. Thanks to my parents and Craig and Faye for filling my stocking with the gifts below.

Beer for the Year calendar - 2012Soon to be on my desk at work, it’s a “365 Bottles of Beer for the Year” calendar.

RefractometerA specific gravity refractometer from Rebel Brewer that allows you to take quick readings when brewing. It’s a must-have for homebrewers.

Beer opener ringYep, it’s a ring with a built-in bottle opener. Unfortunately, it’s a size 15 ring, and my hands aren’t that big. If you’re in Memphis and have giant hands, it’s yours.

Christmas beersA nice selection of beers from Trader Joe’s – Josephs Brau Winterfest, 2011 Vintage Ale and Mission Street India Pale Ale. I plan to toast the new year with these brews.

Beers of the World bookThis book is full of color photos and descriptions of beers from around the globe. Even better are the interesting and sometimes humorous recommended food pairings, such as trying Milwaukee’s Best with curries or Leinekugel’s Red Lager with pancakes.

What did you get for Christmas? Leave a comment below.

A more portable homebrew?

June 24, 2011 By: grant Category: Beer Gear, DIY

I stumbled across this post about Clif’s new backpackable wine bag, which looks essentially like a Platypus water bag (which rule), or a more-sturdy version of the bag inside a box of wine.

It’s touted as more environmentally friendly than a glass bottle and of course it’s lighter for carrying into the wild. So, dear readers, why can we not put our collective heads together and come up with a more portable growler? Would a Platypus bottle and its cap be sturdy enough for carbonation?

If you’ve ever tried anything like this before, or seen it done, please let us know. We like to travel with our beer.