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FuzzyBrew is a Memphis-based beer blog founded by Mike Erskine, Grant Smith and their homebrewing buddy Jeff back in 2010. Jeff has since moved to New York, where he’s probably sipping on a beer from Captain Lawrence. Meanwhile, Nate Nowak has joined the ranks of the FuzzyBrew.

Simply put, we love beer.

We like brewing it, drinking it and sharing it. We’ve a helluva lot more experience at the latter two than the first, but we’re learning and think it’s a brilliant idea to share our failures and successes with you fine people of the Internet.

We also cover the latest news about craft beer and beer events in Memphis and the Mid-South, and share our beer-related travels.

So if you’ve got a beer event coming up, have a tip or just wanna say “hello,” give us all a shout here, or email Mike, Grant or Nate. On Twitter, you can also follow Mike @merskine or Grant @grantmeaccess.

14 Comments to “About”

  1. Love the site. Excited to follow the adventures of fuzzybrew!

  2. Great idea, willing to help on the latter! Looks great.

  3. Amy Lepiane says:

    Awesome!Looking forward to following this adventure!!

  4. Thanks y’all!

  5. Really Mike, Labatt Blue?

  6. I recently started a similar project of my own, check out my blog: http://thehopdiggity.com/; it has been interesting to say the least!

  7. Very cool, will also share it to my beer loving friends!

  8. love the website, have you thought about brewing some seasonal pumpkin ale?I have a great recipe for pumpkin bread using harvest pumpkin ale.

  9. bring some home

  10. Love the site and really enjoyed reading the reviews ! Do you take requests?

  11. nice site. marketing suggestion #1. bring back the splits!