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Historic Goldcrest 51 beer returning to Memphis market this spring

March 06, 2015 By: mike Category: Breweries, History of beer, Memphis

Historic Goldcrest 51 label

Goldcrest 51, the flagship beer of the historic Tennessee Brewing Company, is coming back to Memphis.

The new Goldcrest Brewing Company has resurrected the original Goldcrest 51 recipe and will release the beer this spring to bars and restaurants in the Memphis area, according to the company’s website.

Goldcrest, a golden lager, was brewed by the Tennessee Brewing Company in Memphis until its closing in 1955. It was the best known and leading beer sold in Memphis for decades.

Little Rock author Kenn Flemmons, who wrote the Finest Beer you ever Tasted about Goldcrest and the old Tennessee Brewery, is general manager of the Goldcrest Brewing Company.

3 Comments to “Historic Goldcrest 51 beer returning to Memphis market this spring”

  1. Wow this is amazing. After 50 years, one of Tennesse’s finest gold is revived. This nostalgic revelation brings fine memories back for an old soul like me.

  2. lee deaton says:

    My dad work for the Illinois Central Railroad. As a toddler he would take me to the brewery where I recall scooping the foam off the top of his beer when he was not looking. His railroad and brewery buddies encouraged me to do it.

  3. jack Borg says:

    The last 2 growlers bought from Kroger, Germantown-Memphis-seem to lack body and hoppy taste. Consistency? There are some counter signs there.
    I have approached the Huey Restaurant 1771 N. Germantown rd Memphis, Tn, Phone 754.3885 & several other restaurants about selling Goldcrest draft beer. To order the beer, I have referred them to Hall Crawford, A.S. Barboro & Co. 233.1200. Mailing them an advertising poster for display would be a good ideas. The locally owned Huey chain would be worth a call to test out our beer (I am a grandson of J.W. Schorr). Call me if I can help for free. 901.763.1012


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