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It’s legal: Homebrewing law takes effect in Mississippi

July 01, 2013 By: mike Category: Government, Homebrew

Raise-Your-PintsStarting today, homebrewers in Mississippi can legally brew beer at home.

Mississippi statute §67-3-11 permits the home production of beer with certain limitations. It was approved back in March but took effect July 1.

In households with one person that is 21 and older, up to 100 gallons of beer can be brewed per year. In homes with two or more people of legal drinking age, up to 200 gallons can be brewed. The statute also allows for transport of homebrew for exhibitions and contests.

But the law does not allow for homemade beer to be produced in counties or municipalities where possession of beer is not legal.

Mississippi grassroots group Raise Your Pints worked with the American Homebrewers Association to lobby for the bill’s approval.

With Mississippi’s law in effect, homebrewing is now legal in all 50 states. Alabama — the other longtime homebrewing holdout — legalized homebrewing with the passage of bill HB9, which was signed by Governor Robert Bentley on May 9, 2013.

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