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Mississippi House approves homebrewing law; bill headed to governor

March 06, 2013 By: mike Category: Government, Homebrew

Today was a huge day for homebrewers in the state of Mississippi, as the state’s House of Representatives approved Senate Bill 2183, which authorizes the making of “homemade beer” for personal uses.

Raise-Your-PintsThe measure was approved by a margin of 73 to 37, and now heads to Gov. Phil Bryant for his signature. The state’s Senate approved the bill on Feb. 7.

Mississippi and Alabama remain the only two U.S. states that still don’t allow residents to make beer in their own homes, but the Magnolia State is poised to shed that distinction.

“Whew! Now I’m thirsty. Who in Jackson wants to go have a celebratory pint after our day jobs this eve?” tweeted Craig Hendry, president of Mississippi grassroots group Raise Your Pints, on Wednesday.

Raise Your Pints, which lobbied successfully last year to raise the alcohol-by-weight limit in beer from 5% to 8%, will claim its second major win in Mississippi with the homebrewing legislation. The American Homebrewers Association joined Raise Your Pints with the lobbying efforts.

The Mississippi law gives citizens 21 and older the right to make “homemade beer for personal, family, domestic or household uses …  if the beer is made in a county or municipality in which the possession of light wine or beer is lawful.”

In households with one person that is 21 and older, up to 100 gallons of beer can be brewed per year. In homes with two or more people of legal drinking age, up to 200 gallons can be brewed.

The law continues: “A person who makes homemade beer as authorized in this section may remove the beer from the premises of the household where it is made and transport the beer only for the purpose of participating in a bona fide exhibition, contest or competition where homemade beer is being tasted and judged; however, homemade beer may not be sold or offered for sale under any circumstances.”

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