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Yazoo Brewing Company’s Linus Hall weighs in on ‘Craft v. Crafty’ debate

December 20, 2012 By: mike Category: Breweries, Craft beer, Opinion

Yazoo Brewing CompanyWednesday was a busy day for beer news in the Mid-South, with the announcement of the opening of a new brewery in Memphis and news that Brooklyn Brewery will start distribution of its beers in Memphis in February.

So I missed the fact that Yazoo Brewing Company’s founder Linus Hall weighed in on the “Craft v. Crafty” debate, spurred by a statement last week from the Brewers Association regarding the increase in production of craft-like beers by large, non-craft breweries.

The not-for-profit trade association called out Anheuser-Bush InBev and SABMiller for blurring the lines “between their crafty, craft-like beers and true craft beers from today’s small and independent brewers.” (Read the statement here.)

Hall responded Wednesday on Yazoo’s blog.

I personally think that the general public deserves to make up their own mind on what beer and brands they want to support with their hard-earned money.  Most “craft” beer drinkers are choosing to buy their beers based on flavor and taste, but also because they like to support small businesses, often ones based in their own community.  My main problem with the brands that the Brewers Association called out as “faux crafty”, brands like MillerCoors’ Blue Moon or A-B’s Shock Top, is that the consumer is often confused as to who the true brewer of the brand is.  But the same can be said of a lot of the “craft” beers on the shelf in your local Kroger, that are solely contract-brewed at big facilities like City Brewery’s plants in Wisconsin and now in Memphis.

Read Hall’s full blog post here.

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