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Fundraising project for ‘Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy’ launched on Kickstarter

December 18, 2012 By: mike Category: Cooking with beer, Craft beer

Beervangelist“Beervangelist” Fred Bueltmann — an expert at pairing food and beer — has started a Kickstarter project to raise funds to publish a book he’s been working on for over two years.

Bueltmann, managing partner and VP of Sales and Marketing at Michigan’s New Holland Brewing Company, is the author of the “Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy,” slated to be released in spring of 2013.

Bueltmann is seeking to raise $10,000 to cover the upfront costs of publishing, design and photography for the book. Bueltmann needs to hit his fundraising goal by Jan. 18 to receive the Kickstarter funds.

Here’s more about the book, which will be published by Black River Press:

“Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy” shares a lifestyle of quality and flavor. It will quench your thirst for information about craft beer, pairing and cooking, by teaching from a “flavor first” perspective. Whether you are a novice or an expert, “Beervangelist’s Guide” will engage and inform. It is useful and approachable for the novice, expert and professional. It will cover beer in your home, as well as out and about. From casual, informative tastings like beer & cheese or beer & chocolate, to multi-coursed beer-dinners, it will bring comfort and knowledge to the interested drinker in any setting. The reader will come into the kitchen as well, with numerous recipes and tips including cooking with beer; the home-chef’s next secret ingredient.

Check out the Beervangelist’s Kickstarter page here, with details on nice rewards for backers. I backed Fred’s project and look forward to reading his book next spring!

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