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There’s always a line for Russian River beer at GABF, even before the doors open

October 15, 2012 By: mike Category: Breweries, Craft beer, Events

Great American Beer Festival logoLines are a common sight at the Great American Beer Festival.

Just to get in you have to wait in a line that can snake for a mile around the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

Once inside, there are popular breweries that always have a line of thirsty attendees, from The Lost Abbey to Cigar City Brewing to Dogfish Head.

But nothing compared to the Russian River Brewing Co. booth. Before the session opened on Friday, before the public was even allowed in, there was a nice, long line of beer industry folks waiting for their 1-ounce pour of Russian River beer.

People just had to have their Pliny!

What’s your favorite beer from Russian River?

4 Comments to “There’s always a line for Russian River beer at GABF, even before the doors open”

  1. Any thing of theirs that has spent time in a barrel is worth the wait!!

  2. Adam Hargrove says:

    That just shows how much people in the industry love their products. But it was nice to be poured behind their booth with those nice guys. 😉 Agree?

    • Adam, I guess I forgot to mention that we SKIPPED EVERYONE IN LINE and went behind the booth for samples. Ha! Great beer, though. I waited in that line a few times myself!


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