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Southwestern Beverage sold to Budweiser of Memphis

October 22, 2012 By: grant Category: Beer in the news, Breweries, Distribution, Memphis

Recent rumors of craft beer distribution changes in the Memphis area were confirmed this morning when Steve Barzizza, sales manager at Southwestern Beverage (the low-gravity distributors under the Southwestern Distributing umbrella) announced the following on his facebook page:

“Well kids, here it goes. Southwestern Beverage has been sold to Budweiser of Memphis. I want to thank everyone for given me the best ride anyone could ever ask for especially Gene and John Barzizza. I also want to thank everyone who has given my all the support and love that I could ask for over the past 20 years. I hope you will continue to support Budweiser of Memphis and show them the same love that you have given us. They have make the commitment to continue what we have started and is putting together a great team. My son Michael Barzizza will be at Bud of Memphis to help carry the tourch. I dont know where the wind will take me,but like they say “one door closes and another opens”. Again, Thank your for making my life Wonderful! I love each and every one of you!”

Southwestern Beverage distributed more than 30 beer brands, including Memphis’ own Ghost River Brewing.

9 Comments to “Southwestern Beverage sold to Budweiser of Memphis”

  1. Do we know what this means for dock sales? We love getting kegs from them.

  2. Dock sales have been suspended for a while now. I hope they bring them back.

  3. David Twombly says:

    Any word on who (if anyone) will take over the high-gravity beer distribution?

  4. Bud of Memphis will have everything that Southwestern had. I hope with the resources they have, Bud will ramp it up but I am worried they won’t work quite as hard on the craft beer.

  5. I have no reason to believe that a Bud Distributor won’t just try to shut out craft brewers.

  6. Jacob, I have had some expreince in beer distribution and I can promise you that the local Bud distributor will do everything BUT shut out the craft business. Craft beers are a rapidly growing segment of their business, in most cases, the ONLY growing segment of any beer distributor. Additionally craft beers offer a substantially higher profit margin for the distributor than say Bud Light or Michelob. Beer distributors LOVE craft beer. Let’s just wait and see but I’d be willing to bet that craft availability in Shelby county will increase as a result of this company changing owners. Cheers!

  7. Mike is correct on the statement he made about Bud putting a push on the craft beer sales, plus the fact that they have almost infinite resources to promote/distribute the craft brands will enhance their earnings greatly. I have been in the beer business for over 10 years and its very true that the profit per case is way greater than the profit made on a case of natty lights or bud light

  8. One thing we’re likely to see — high ABV beers from New Belgium in Memphis. No more trekking to West Memphis for Ranger.


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