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A trip to Perennial Artisan Ales in St. Louis

September 24, 2012 By: Nate Category: Breweries, Craft beer, Travelin'

Perennial Artisan Ales

While headed up to St. Louis for other reasons, I managed to hijack the trip for a few hours for a stop at the Perennial Artisan Ales tap room. We discovered the brewery last fall and I had been waiting for a return trip ever since. It wasn’t too difficult to convince my hungry and thirsty traveling companions that we should stop by for a quick bite and beverage. That “quick” bite happily turned into a three-hour visit!

Located in an old Coca-Cola plant on the south side of St. Louis, Perennial opened in September of 2011 and has been going strong ever since.

The business end of the Perennial bar

The business end of the Perennial bar.

We were able to try all the beers they had on draft in the tap room: Hommel Bier (a dry-hopped Belgian pale ale), Saison de Lis (a Saison brewed with Chamomile Flowers), Peach Berliner-Weisse (brewed with local peaches) and Brewers IPA #3 (a “session” IPA at 4.2%).

The full spectrum

Left to right: Hommel Bier, Saison de Lis, Peach Berliner Weisse and Brewer’s IPA.

In addition to the great brews, Perennial is also turning out some great, local eats from its small kitchen.

Perennial Food

Pretzels and Pork Rillettes help work up a thirst.

More Perennial food

Sausage and cheese plate, all from local purveyors.

Unfortunately, we were unable to try any of Perennial’s barrel-aged beers as the brewery was between batches at the time. But having tried a couple in the past, I can attest to their quality. And they should be good as brewmaster Phil Wymore has plenty of experience from his time working the barrel-aging program at Goose Island. Hopefully, there should be a few ready the next time we make it up to St. Louis.

Their fermenters runneth over...

Barrels aging in the brewery. Shall we say a “vigorous” fermentation?

With so many new craft breweries opening up in St. Louis it would take awhile to sample them all. However, I would recommend making Perennial one of your first stops next time you’re in St. Louis. With great beer and food and a cool, laid-back atmosphere, it is one of the nicer taprooms I’ve visited. Homebrewers especially will enjoy Perennial’s dedication to brewing beers that don’t fit into traditional categories.

Perennial Bottles

Oh yeah, you can get them to go, too!


8 Comments to “A trip to Perennial Artisan Ales in St. Louis”

  1. Nice lineup. I like their labels. Is that a ginkgo leaf?

  2. Ha ha, you were there when the American Stout was on. It was awesome, why no review?

    These guys are one of the coolest breweries around.

    Keep an eye out for their stuff, I know you probably caught this but I just want to say— they do amazing adventurous beers using only natural components. Black Walnuts, coconut, chilis, cinnamon, mint, pluots, currants, cherries, and a bunch of other extremely well-treated additions that will make your head spin.

    They rock my socks directly off my feet.


    • Doh! The Stout was on and while I didn’t have a pint, I did manage a taste. A very solid beer, that should not have been left out! (this is the problem with a 3 hour “tasting” trip…)

      I do know that they use some very interesting and inventive adjuncts (I’ve tasted a number of these beers). Unfortunately, the only one that was on was the peach berliner. Just makes for a good excuse for another trip! I would love to get my hands on some Savant Beersel.

      As I said before great brewers and brewery!

  3. I am adding this to my bucket list. I guess a St. Louis Cardinal game and a brewery visit is a great combination.

    prost !!

  4. Nice, I hadn’t heard about this one, I have relatives up there and we go up quite often, I added it to my St. Louis beer map http://bit.ly/QLiXjR

  5. Nate
    I saw these at the local grocery store. Grabbed the Saison and Aria. Saison wa very good. Glad you reviewed I prolly wouldn’t have grabbed if not. Hope all is well.


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