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Buying beer at the West Memphis Walgreens

July 09, 2012 By: mike Category: Breweries, Craft beer, Memphis

West Memphis Walgreens beer haul

Across the bridge in West Memphis, Ark., there’s a big Walgreens that sells a lot of liquor and beer. For Memphis craft beer fans, it’s just a short drive to get some beers that aren’t distributed in Memphis.

This is no beer paradise, but you can get brews from Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Co., Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing Company and some higher alcohol beers from New Belgium Brewing Company.

I crossed the bridge into West Memphis this weekend to restock my beer closet and grab some sixers for an upcoming craft beer party.

Here’s what I found at the Walgreens that you can’t get in Memphis:

• Three beers from Goose Island — India Pale Ale, 312 Urban Wheat Ale and Honker’s Ale. $8.99 a six-pack.

• Three beers from Boulevard — Single-Wide IPA, Pale Ale and Bully! Porter. $7.99 a six-pack.

• Three beers from New Belgium’s Explore Series — Ranger, Trippel and Abbey. $8.99 a six-pack. Budweiser of Memphis, which distributes New Belgium in Memphis, has never gotten its license to distribute higher alcohol beers. That’s why you can get a Fat Tire, but not a Ranger. Let’s hope this changes soon.

As an added bonus, you get to experience some Arkansas culture on your visit to West Memphis!

First, a woman in front of me in line tried to haggle with the cashier to get a discount on her case of boxed wine. After that, a middle-aged guy was rebuffed when trying to buy a case of beer for a young-looking guy who was with him and had no ID. The kid gave the man money right in front of the cashier. There was a loud argument with the cashier, a manager was summoned and the guy and his young friend stormed off, beer-less. It was all pretty entertaining.

Anyway, here’s the details on finding the Walgreens. (Remember, no beer sales on Sundays.)

1800 N. Missouri St., Ste 2
West Memphis, Arkansas, 72301
Phone: 870-735-8987
Get directions

7 Comments to “Buying beer at the West Memphis Walgreens”

  1. Thanks for the info! Ranger is a great IPA…glad to know it just across the river.

  2. Funny, I brought back a Boulevard 12 pack sampler from St. Louis that had those same beers in it.

    I brought home some beers from Cathedral Square too, I’ll bring them to BCBC. I almost picked up a 6er of Kräftig, maybe next time.

  3. Good to see that there is still some interesting selections over there. It wasn’t that long ago that I bought all my beer over that that Walgreens. Of course this was before New Belgian was distributed in TN and Memphis had a real lack of craft choices. Used to make runs and pick up 6-8 cases of NB at a go…it was enough to drive you to homebrewing!

    • No need to drive there all the time, but it’s good for a little variety! I bought Ranger on my last 2 trips to Nashville. Won’t do that again.

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