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Strange brews: What’s the weirdest ingredient you’ve added to your homebrew?

May 28, 2012 By: mike Category: Homebrew, Oddities

I brewed my first batch of beer under the tutelage of my friend Jeff Cline on Nov. 10, 2002. It was an extract batch of brown ale, and Jeff recently dug up our brewers’ notes from that brew day nearly 10 years ago.

First thing I noticed: We added a can of caffeine-free Dr. Pepper and a “splash of November Rain.”

Why? We thought it was funny. The Dr. Pepper and Guns ‘N Roses song reference led to the beer’s name: Dr. Brownstone Ale.

In the end, the additions made no real difference. The soda added a little sugar, maybe, and the splash of rain water was just an extra drop in the bucket. The beer actually turned out really well. “Very drinkable,” Jeff wrote.

So how about you? What’s the weirdest ingredient that you’ve added to your homebrew, and how did it turn out? Leave a comment below!

Mike's brewers' notes - 1
Mike's brewers' notes - 2

2 Comments to “Strange brews: What’s the weirdest ingredient you’ve added to your homebrew?”

  1. I couldn’t eat all of my breakfast one morning before starting to brew so I added it to the mash; oatmeal and raisins… It was a blue moonish recipe anyway. Very good

  2. I used to make a Honeysuckle IPA. Nice floral aroma, but sent my allergies into a tailspin. Maybe that’s why I haven’t brewed it in awhile.

    Now that I think about it, shouldn’t Phil be the only one that gets to comment on this. He could fill pages. On second thought, I guess he would have to consider the ingredient “weird” and I don’t think he’s found one that fits that category for him yet.


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