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Awesome beer video roundup

May 15, 2012 By: mike Category: Breweries, Craft beer, Funny, Oddities, Video

I’ve been saving up these videos, which range from funny to freaky, for one awesome beer video round-up. Enjoy!

Goose Island Beer Co. tapped its inner-Hall & Oates, with a nod to “(500) Days of Summer,” for this video promoting the release of 312 Urban Wheat Ale in cans:


Great 80s haircuts kick off this funny spot from New Zealand’s DB Export Dry, which asks the question of the modern man: “Wine list, sir?” Um, no.:


In this video(game) for Tallgrass Brewing Co.’ 8-Bit Pale Ale, the hero must collect the hops and get them back in time to make the next batch of beer!


And then there is this bizarre ad for Flying Dog Brewery’s Wildeman Farmhouse IPA, which Adweek called “the most inexplicable commercial for a new-beer release that you may ever see.”


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