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Cheap beer, cops and criminals

May 16, 2011 By: mike Category: Beer in the news, Memphis, Opinion

Cheap beer has been getting some Tennesseans in trouble recently, from petty thieves to police officers.

David BoganLet’s start with 45-year-old David Bogan, of Memphis.

Bogan is accused of stealing a commercial cooler full of Bud Light from a neighborhood grocery store. He was apparently pushing the cooler down the street in plain view of cops.

As you can see by the bandage on his nose, Bogan attempted to flee and officers subdued Bogan by “assisting him to the ground,” according to the court document. The whole thing resulted in charges that included assaulting an officer, resisting official detention, evading arrest and theft.

All for some Bud Light…

Kingsport Police DepartmentMeanwhile, over in Kingsport, Tenn., a sergeant for the Kingsport Police Department resigned and two officers have been recommended for termination after a brew-haha over some confiscated beer.

Several Kingsport officers responded to a party where there was underage drinking and confiscated three full cases of Natural Lite beer and part of a fourth case.

Instead of dumping the beer, like they wrote in the paperwork, the beer was given to a sergeant for his personal consumption.

The real story got out and has caused quite the stir in this East Tennessee town.

All for some Natty Lite…

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