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Atlanta beer run brings home the SweetWater

April 29, 2011 By: mike Category: Craft beer, Travelin'


While I was enjoying a week in California, Sara headed to Atlanta to be with her folks for Easter.

But like all good travelers, she also made it a beer-cation.

She went on a tour of SweetWater Brewing Company (post coming soon) and brought home a heck of a lot of beer that you can’t get in Memphis.

At the top of the list were four six-packs of SweetWater’s IPA, which is one of my favorite beers these days. Closest you can get it to Memphis is Nashville. But in Atlanta, it’s even fresher!

Here’s what else Sara brought home:

• One six-pack of Hopsecutioner IPA from Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, Ga. Coolest label ever.

• One 22-oz. bottle of Mean Joe Bean, an imperial porter from SweetWater’s Dank Tank series.

• One six-pack of Red Brick Brown Ale from Red Brick Brewing Company in Atlanta.

• One six-pack of 400 Pound Monkey, an English-style IPA from Left Hand Brewing Company.

• One four-pack of Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA. Dogfish Head has pulled out of Tennessee, so it’s good to have a few 90 Minutes in the fridge again.

• One six-pack of Smuttynose IPA, which hails from my second home, New Hampshire.

A great haul, if I do say so. I’ll try to review as many of these beers as I can. Thank you, Sara.

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