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Dogfish Head ending distribution in Tennessee, Indiana, Wisconsin and Rhode Island

March 11, 2011 By: grant Category: Beer in the news, Breweries, Craft beer, Memphis

Dogfish Head craft beer
Sam Calagione just posted the answer to the question a bunch of us Tennesseans have been asking all morning since we heard the rumor. Distributors in Tennessee, Indiana, Wisconsin and Rhode Island have been notified they’ll be getting no more Dogfish Head craft beers.

Dogfish Head just can’t keep up with production to continue distribution everywhere it was previously available.

So it is bittersweet for us to announce that we are pulling out of, or limiting some of our core beers from, a number of states. Yes this sucks. The glass-half-full view is that we (and a handful of other U.S. craft breweries making similar moves) have to do this because your numbers the number of U.S. drinkers buying and enjoying craft beer – are growing so quickly! [source]

It was a little unclear from Sam’s blog post if distribution was going to totally end in Tennessee or it was just going to be more limited, but Terry DeRanzo at Southwest Beverage and Distributing has confirmed Dogfish Head is completely pulling out.

“We’re very disappointed,” she said. No doubt.

She said Southwest has been out of Dogfish’s low-gravity brews for about a month, though they’ve got some high-gravity Aprihop left, which you might be able to find at Busters, Joe’s Wine & Liquors, Natalies Liquor Warehouse or Stellar Cellar. You might still be able to find low-gravity Dogfish at grocery stores like Whole Foods and Freshmarket.

(UPDATE: Just to clarify, these stores I listed are not an exhaustive list of where Dogfish Head is available. There are several stores in Memphis and Jackson that sell Dogfish Head.)

Dogfish has a “Fish Finder” online to help you figure out where you can get it, but it hasn’t been updated yet.

You said it, Sam. This sucks.

I guess I’d better go make a beer run. (Post-beer-run pic below.)

Our Dogfish Head haul

12 Comments to “Dogfish Head ending distribution in Tennessee, Indiana, Wisconsin and Rhode Island”

  1. This is CRAZY! pulling out of some states just so others can receive more beer? Us TN residents need to start drinking more craft beers before other breweries follow suit and all we can buy is bud light.

  2. He mentions that other brewers are also pulling out. Any idea which ones?

    Also, I had no idea their production was a problem. I’ve never had trouble finding their brews.

  3. Guess it’s time to move.

  4. Left Hand already pulled out of the Memphis market too. Time to stock up!

  5. Lefthand leaving hurt. I LOVE their sawtooth ale.

  6. Not cool.

  7. Yeah.. a total backwards move for the TN craft beer market 🙁 shrug.

  8. I think there has been a lot of support for DFH in TN. I’m glad to be able to homebrew more than an accpetable clone of DFH 90. Thanks Sam for allowing us to spend our money on your brew.

  9. So glad to see that the Brew Masters series done such a good job at introducing me to all of these wonderful hand crafted beers by DFH and now this is happening. DFH is becoming one of my favorite next to Sierra Nevada. I really hate to see this! Don’t do this Sam!!

  10. In Wisconsin, we lost Stone not that long ago… now we’re losing Dogfish Head… Sad times

  11. Losing Stone in Wisconsin seems to me to be more about mismanagement. Every single liquor store I went to during my quest to grab the last Stone stock said the same thing, “After the initial launch and promotion of Stone (specifically Arrogant Bastard) in the state, we rarely heard from or saw the Stone rep.” Stone claims it was because we have so many other choices here that they couldn’t get a foothold in the market.
    All I know, is it really sucks and now Dogfish Head…WTF?!

  12. This sucks….At least us in NW Indiana have shoreline and 3 Floyds….I guess


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