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Ask for a beer in any language

March 26, 2011 By: grant Category: How to, Travelin'

egyptian-serving-girl-pouring-beerThis fun post over at Matador has one of the most important phrases in the history of civilization — “One more beer, please” –translated across 50 different languages.

Hungarian? Got it: Kérek szépen még egy sört.

Egyptian Arabic? Mmmhmm: واحد بيرة كمان من فضلك

Burmese? No doubt: Beer ta buu htut pay bar.

Chamorro? Child’s play: Un setbesa ta’lo, fan. (Full disclosure: I had to Google Chamorro to figure out who spoke it.)

So if you’re the kinda beer drinker who’s off galavanting here and there, you might wanna think about printing that bad boy out, laminating, framing, decoupaging, or … I’ve said too much.

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