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On Super Bowl Sunday, cheer for the Green Bay Packers and eat some Sconny-style beer brats

February 04, 2011 By: mike Category: Cooking with beer

Wisconsin beer brats

Carrie, the better half of FuzzyBrew’s Grant and proprietor of the York Avenue Tavern, doesn’t cook much. But when she does, she grills up some amazing Sconny-stye beer brats, affectionately known as Brownie Brand Brats™. Come Sunday, when the Green Bay Packers play the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl, we’ll be eating these brats, drinking some homebrew, and cheering like mad for the Packers. Thanks to Carrie for sending us her family recipe below:

Step one: Select your bratwurst carefully. Those made in or near the frozen tundra of Wisconsin are naturally the best. Johnsonville. Usingers. Don’t get too fancy. The various cheese-filled specialty brats may be tasty, but they lack in authenticity.

Step two: Grill the brats carefully. According to my father, lifetime Packer fan and Wisconsin dweller and my personal grilling guru, “the key to cooking brats is not burning them. This means that you turn them every five minutes or so for the first 20 minutes, trying to lay them on a different side each time you turn them. The last 10 minutes are for creative design. Total time 30 minutes.”

Step three: Fill a large pot with the macrobrews of Wisconsin. Miller Lite, MGD, PBR, High Life are all good choices.

Step four: Add some large chunks of red onion.

Step five: Add brats and gently simmer for at least a couple of hours before serving. The longer they simmer, the more tender they get.

Step six: Cheer the Packers to victory!  GO PACK GO.

3 Comments to “On Super Bowl Sunday, cheer for the Green Bay Packers and eat some Sconny-style beer brats”

  1. I am SOOO excited about Sunday! I’ve been craving Brownie Brand Brats since I heard the Packers were going to the Super Bowl!

  2. Thanks for the MAJOR family recipe. I’ll try it fo sho.

  3. Note that their is some controversy and animosity between the pre-beer soakers and post-beer soakers. Hear me now, remember me later: Post-soak is the way to go. Don’t listen to those pre-soakers.


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