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Thanksgiving suitcase beers

December 22, 2010 By: jeff Category: Breweries, Craft beer, Travelin'

Thanksgiving beers

The contestants

If my in-laws didn’t think I was an alcoholic before Thanksgiving, having them watch me stuff my suitcase with beers didn’t help my cause.

One of my favorite things about traveling is sampling the local beers and —  if I plan it right — bringing some home.  A normal person would think traveling with the Missus and young baby for a short holiday weekend wouldn’t be the time to do this.  Especially, since we go back to New York to see family fairly often, but it’s the holidays and it just felt right.

My brother-in-law Ryan gave me an empty wine box from his liquor store, Depot Wines & Liquors.  This was premeditated so I came with the bubble wrap to secure them in the box.  A little wadded up newspaper on the bottom and top of the bottles  and we should be good.

Like a glove

Like a glove

The six lucky finalists to make it in my suitcase were:

2 bottles of Captain Lawrence’s St Vincents Dubbel for Grant and Mike.  Mrs. Marvin’s parents gave me a bottle of this, and it was killer.

1 bottle of Captain Lawrence’s Xtra Gold.  This was also a gift.

1 bottle of Captain Lawerence’s Nor’Easter.

1 bottle of Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Ops.

1 bottle of Ommegang’s Zuur.  We drank this the night Grant and Mike helped me wire the temperature controller for my keezer (DIY posts coming on the build of that puppy).  Sour ales aren’t for everyone, but I really enjoyed it.

I broke my rule of only bringing back NY beers when I saw a six-pack of Oskar Blue’s Old Chub in cans.  I mean come on, I didn’t have to even worry about them breaking.  I had heard a lot of praise about this beer and it didn’t disappoint.  Can you say malt bomb?  The FuzzyBrew gang each got 2 cans.

There were really no losers in this contest, and if I could have finagled it, they would all be in my kitchen right now.   A few that stand out that didn’t make it back were CL’s Captains’s Reserve- Imperial IPA.  This beauty was drenched with luscious hop flavor and aroma.  The bitterness was a given.  If it had been in a 22-oz. bottle, somebody else might have lost their spot on the plane.

Also, Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace was kick ass.  It is a Saison-style beer brewed with the rare sorachi ace hops.  Apparently, the hops were developed in Japan and now only grown in Oregon and are valued/ignored for their insanely lemony aroma.  They added a very tasty dimension to a favorite beer style of mine.

3 Comments to “Thanksgiving suitcase beers”

  1. > One of my favorite things about traveling is sampling the local beers and – if I plan it right — bringing some home.

    Amen to that! Looks like you snagged quite the haul.

    I’ll never forget the first time I brought beer home from from long distance…I packed two bottles from Maine in my suitcase, which I checked in at the terminal. When I picked up the bag at baggage claim, I didn’t notice that the outside was soaked–until after I placed it in my friend’s car. Your choice to pack bubble wrap was a wise one.

    PS: I enjoy your blog!

    David, also from Memphis

  2. Looking forward to the blog on the keezer, thinking about one myself or converting a “dorm” fridge.

    I have the perfect space in my pantry for a “dorm” fridge but there’s no electric outlet.

  3. Looking forward to the “Keezer” article. Have been thinking about one of these myself.

    I would probably be better off to convert a “dorm” style fridge. My kitchen pantry has the perfect space for a “dorm” fridge but has no electric outlet.


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