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Recap of the Cooper Young Regional Beerfest

October 10, 2010 By: mike Category: Events, Memphis

The Bluff City Brewers and Connoisseurs table at the Cooper Young Regional Beerfest

Saturday was a milestone for us at FuzzyBrew.com — the first public tasting of one of our homebrews.

Jeff and I served an American Stout at the sold-out Cooper Young Regional Beerfest. We were really happy with how the beer came out, and also got a lot of great feedback.

It was a perfect October day for the festival, which was in its inaugural year and drew a crowd of 400, plus lots of brewers and volunteers.

It was a great size for a beer festival. Not a lot of walking required, and no long lines, so it was easy to try everything you wanted. And the four hours we spent serving beer flew by.

I missed out on the education tent, where brewers talked about their beers and answered questions.

I did, however, get to sample some beers. The best beers I tried were Ashville Brewing Company‘s Ninja Porter, follow by Schlalfly‘s Dry-Hopped APA. Other breweries at the festival were Ghost River Brewing, Boscos, Abita (which served from bottles), French Broad, Lazy Magnolia, Vino’s and Yazoo. More later on an interesting contraption named “Marvin” used by Boscos for extra hop flavor and aroma.

We shared a table and tent at the festival with B.C., Matt and Richard, who are fellow members of the Bluff City Brewers and Connoisseurs and who brought some really good beers.

At the homebrewers’ table, the most popular beers were the Ginger Snap Ale (it floated fast), Coriander Hefeweizen and the Honey Blond, all lighter beers that were a good option for people with all the heavier beers served by the craft breweries around us. People who tried our stout liked it, but it wasn’t the first choice for most people. Good thing to know when brewing for an event like this.

Overall, we had an absolute blast.

Thanks to Andy Ashby and the other organizers of the Cooper Young Regional Beerfest.

We tried a lot of good beer and got to share ours. We met good people who brew beer, people who love to drink beer, and even a few readers of our blog. And we learned quite a bit in the process.

We’ll definitely be back.

FuzzyBrew's set-up

6 Comments to “Recap of the Cooper Young Regional Beerfest”

  1. I’m glad you guys had a good time. Thanks for all your hard work. We couldn’t have done it without the brewers.

  2. Was a pleasure to serve alongside you guys! Had a great time, and some great beers.

  3. Andy: Great event! Hope you do it again next year.

    Richard: Nice meeting you, and well done with the IPA. And thanks for your help with the keg.

  4. it was a nice event for cooper young and a on great day too it was fun serving beer with you guys and a great experience for myself.

  5. J.L. Thompson says:

    Great write-up! Thanks for representin’ the BCB&C. Good job!

  6. Wish I could have been there! I obviously missed a great time.


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