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Sublimely Self-Righteous brew day

September 12, 2010 By: jeff Category: Craft beer, Homebrew

Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale

It is amazing how smooth brew day goes when you don’t drink.  Less fun for sure, but smooth.

Sickness, family duties and a neighbor’s birthday party at 3 p.m. demanded that this didn’t turn into a 9-hour day in the garage brewing and drinking.  So the hot liquor tank was stoked at 6:10 am.  Check-list in hand, I promised myself I wouldn’t forget anything important and that I would take notes.

We have been going nuts about how amazing Stone Brewing Co.’s Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale is for a few months, and we finally got around to cloning her.  I say we, but for the record the ‘amazing twins’ didn’t show until 9 a.m.  One wouldn’t think you could commit a bigger sin on brew day than being 3 hours late, but showing up without any of the ingredients to brew a brown ale might top it.  Look for them to explain themselves in a future post.  Moving on.

Recipe for 6 gallons    70% efficiency

first wort hopping

First wort hopping

17.8 lb 2-row

1 lb Crystal 60

1 lb Carafa Special III

2.5 oz Chinook  at 60 min

1 oz Amarillo  O min

1 oz Simcoe  O min

1 oz Amarillo FWH

2 oz Amarillo dry hop

2 oz Simcoe dry hop

2 L starter of Wyeast 1056

We tried two new tricks today that we talk about in a video below.From there we sparged until be got 7.5 gallons.  Brought it all up to a boil and added hops per the recipe.  The ground water is still pretty warm and we have yet to devise a better chilling system, so we cooled the hot wort to about 85 degrees then put it in the chest freezer for a few hours until it got to 68ish.

Our OG was 1.080.  If we had brewed to exactly 70% efficiency which was what the recipe was for it should have been 1.082.  For us it was a win.  Especially since this is the first time we have actually ended with the correct amount of wort in the primary fermenter.  Little tip.  If you are .5 gallons short, 4 brew days in a row, chances are you are burning off more during your boil than you think.  We finally figured that out Saturday and adjusted for it accordingly.

4 Comments to “Sublimely Self-Righteous brew day”

  1. Brewing while sober is blasphemy.

    That is all.

  2. And brewing at 6 a.m. on a Saturday is beyond lame.

    That is all.

  3. 28 days to prepare + waiting until the night before to get ingredient =
    you are both fools.

  4. Listen up you: Apricot wasn’t in for the Magic Hat #9 so we had to switch at the last minute, and then I blame Mikey for not picking the recipe till Friday.

    Also, Mike and I were both there at 8:30, not 9, which is pretty damn early to begin with.


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