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Beer-giant Anheuser-Busch to trademark airport code for Memphis, 41 others

July 02, 2012 By: grant Category: Beer in the news

The Memphis Business Journal reported last week that megabrewer Anheuser-Busch filed a trademark applications for 42 airport codes, including Memphis (MEM) and Nashville (BNA).

Beerpulse.com has additional information, including the full list. Seems kinda like abuse of the trademark system to me. What do you think? What would a MEM brew be?

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2 Comments to “Beer-giant Anheuser-Busch to trademark airport code for Memphis, 41 others”

  1. Do Memphians really identify with the MEM airport code? Seems silly.

    901 makes more sense, but Justin Timberlake already snagged that idea with his tequila.

  2. They’ve already trademarked a bunch of area codes all probably spurred by acquiring Goose Island and their popular 312 Wheat, name for a Chicago area code.

    And a MEM branded beer could come from anywhere considering that most of the flights out there are run by FedEx…


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