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Lamar Sorrento talks Natural Light beer

June 12, 2012 By: mike Category: Memphis, Oddities, Video

Beatles painting by folk artist Lamar Sorrento

This weekend I celebrated my 35th birthday and received an awesome gift from Sara, a Beatles painting by Lamar Sorrento. Sorrento is a Memphis folk artist whose affordable rock ‘n’ roll paintings have been collected by regular joes and celebrities like Keith Richards and Neil Young.

Sorrento, it turns out, also likes good beer, and is said to sometimes even trade his paintings for beer and cigarettes.

“theres nothing wrong with beer, as long as it good quality,” he writes in his stream of consciousness ‘about’ section on his website. “it brings out the best in me…the worst drunk people always drink the worst beer.,..i think…like Bud or Corona or swill like that..”

And then there’s Natural Light, “the new beer for the recession.” It inspired this funny video log from 2009, which ponders the lifelong question: Why is there a Natural Light, but no Natural? Lamar wants to know.

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  1. Hey, that’s my friend Lamar!!


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