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Win free tickets to the River City Brewers Festival in Memphis

March 08, 2012 By: mike Category: Craft beer, Events, Homebrew, Memphis

River City Brewers Festival ticketsWe’ve got tickets to give away!

The 3rd annual River City Brewers Festival is coming up March 31 in Handy Park on historic Beale Street in Downtown Memphis. More than 100 different beers will be available to sample, including a great selection of craft beer and homebrewed beer. (Check out our recap of last year’s event.)

There will be two sessions: Session A is from noon-4 p.m., and Session B is from 6-10 p.m.

We’re going to give away three sets of tickets for Session B, courtesy of the festival organizers, right here in this very blog post! The face value on those tickets is $60 per pair.

So here’s how this is gonna work:

Homebrewers and lovers of craft beer often dream of starting their own brewery or brewpub. Those of us at FuzzyBrew are no different. FuzzyBrew has a nice ring to it, right?

So if you were to name your very own brewery or brewpub here in the Mid-South, what would you name it?

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us what you’d name your brewery or brewpub! If there’s a story to tell about the name, please share. But please make sure when you comment to leave your email in the email field  in case we need to contact you. (Don’t worry, your email won’t be public, and we won’t use it for anything else.)

We’ll pick our favorite name and give that person two free tickets to the festival. We’ll also pick two more people at random, and they’ll each win a set of tickets. So you can be creative, or just lucky, and you can win either way.

Be sure to enter by Thursday, March 22, at noon. That’s the deadline. We’ll send you the tickets in time for the festival. One entry per person, please.

So leave a comment below, name your brewery, and you could be headed to the River City Brewers Festival on March 31!

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61 Comments to “Win free tickets to the River City Brewers Festival in Memphis”

  1. Chad Davis says:

    Probably Miss Bootlegger. As I live in Mississippi, where it’s still 1920. I’m not saying that I’m breaking the homebrew laws there. No, of course not. That would be illegal. I’m only making meth.

  2. It’d want to keep with the old English formula of adjective + animal. I think I’d name my pub The Fighting Cock. Its traditional, with just a touch of sillyness.

  3. I would name mine Crazy Hare Brewery & Brew Pub. The name actually came about because, when my wife and I started dating about 8 years ago, she had really crazy, curly hair. It has always been my dream to start a microbrewery/brew pub. One night, we had a really long conversation about what we would call it. I told her that if we were together and she let me do it that I would name it after her. And the first thing that came into my mind was Crazy Hair. But with a stroke of creative genius I decided that it would be better and more subtle to change “hair” to “hare.” Thus, Crazy Hare Brewery was born. Some buddies and I are starting a Brew Club under the same moniker . . . look for us to hit the scene soon! Oh yeah! The brewery’s signature brew would be the “Cotton Tail Pale Ale.”

  4. I’ve always thought it would be cool to resurrect the classic name (and spirit) of The Bell Tavern, one of the first bars in Memphis. Old Paddy drank himself to death and surely wouldn’t mind if I borrowed his idea.


    Big Muddy Brewing would be good, too, but it’s already taken. (Dagnabbit…)

  5. Deaf Preservation ….

  6. I have always thought that “Mad Tortoise” would be an excellent name for a small brewery. The graphic on the label would be a vintage, woodcut looking turtle, standing up and frowning, with it’s fists up in preparation for a fight.

  7. Mine is a name for a brewery. Running a pub would just be far too much work (and brewing at volume is a walk in the park…).

    I think I would have to call it Awentap (pronounced “on tap”). Make things nice and confusing when people ask “what’s on tap?” To complete the confusion, the individual beers would have very generic names, at least initially. Think “That’s a Pilsner!”, “That’s a Stout!”, “That’s Light!” for a pilsner, stout, and a light beer. Then you really get them when they come into a bar and say “what do you have on tap that’s ________?”

    I figure you go a long way towards capturing the indecisive market. Just make sure to tell the bars stocking your product that the customer is really saying “What?!!! You’ve got Awentap That’s a Stout!”

  8. Mine would be Eddie Maxwell’s Tune Inn. My grandfather ran a nightclub by that name in New York City in the 1930’s and I grew up seeing great old black and white photos of him with Babe Ruth and various other sports figures who hung out there. Always seemed like these folks were having the best possible time. My uncle followed in his footsteps as a barkeep, and though I do something else, I’ve always felt drawn to the idea of running a kick ass pub with a great draught beer selection. Maybe someday. Until then I satisfy myself doing research.

  9. Crackin Tabernacle

  10. Ashley Harrison says:

    I would name my brewery “Blue Suede Brews” obviously in honor of Memphis’ own Elvis Presley.

  11. Brewery name: Time Machine

    I would have Solution names for each of my brews…. i.e

    Time Machine Solution #22 Then a brief description of the product followed by local artists making the label art.

  12. David Twombly says:

    Brewery name: Neon Pig

    I once read an article in the Hot Springs (AR) newspaper claiming the surest sign of a good restaurant is the presence of a plastic cow on the roof or a neon pig in the window. Since my wife and I decided that, if we ever form a band, we’d call ourselves the Plastic Cows, I’ll go with “Neon Pig” for the brewery–especially since we live here (1) in the BBQ capital of the world, which (2) also contains Beale St.

  13. Ben Clark says:

    Bluff City Brewhouse

  14. Teresa Franks says:

    Dancing Jimmy

    Memphians of a certain era will understand.

  15. MWexler says:

    LaLa Land

  16. Spencer Lemmonds says:

    Bleeding Blue Brews.

  17. Dylan McKay says:

    The Regal Beagle

  18. Southern Bitch’s Brew. Because after transplanting 11 years ago from the Midwest, I’m officially a southern bitch. And of course, a nod to the incomparable Miles Davis.

  19. Stephen Harris says:

    Running Dog Brewery. My corporate name when I owned a specialty running store here in town was Running Dog Athletics. I was inspired by the movie the Big Chill. I call my homebrew that. I have had Chocolate Lab Oatmeal Stout and Wagging Tail Brown Ale for a few names.

  20. Nick Vincent says:

    Blues Man Brewing Company

  21. Nick Vincent says:

    Also, I see no rules about multiple posts or anything to prevent that. Mike, care to elaborate on that?

    I see 3 David’s so far. Not to say any of them are the same, but it brings up the point…..

  22. Nick Vincent says:

    My apologies, I missed the last sentence (One per person) :).

    No worries, and no hard feeling to the David’s, hah. I just saw so many and the question popped in my mind about if you can enter more than once. Better reading comprehension is in order for next time!

  23. Cynthia Crowe says:

    Mongo’s Mad Brewhouse

  24. Taylor Perry says:

    I would name it the Evergreen Brewpub honoring my midtown neighborhood.

  25. The Paddlewheel Pantheon – the meeting place of the Riverboat gods

  26. Brandon says:

    I had an idea, but the use of the word “scofflaw” in the comments totally changed my mind. Scofflaw Brew House it is!

  27. Brittany says:

    I would name my bar “Drinkin’ Made Easy” because I have this dream of opening a bar where you can order you drinks via text or a touchscreen at the table. No more desperately trying to find your waitress before you take that last sip!

  28. Beautiful Mountain Brew – rough translation of my German last name

  29. Trailhead Brewery and Pub…because I love to hike and nothing tastes better after grueling trek like a cold beer.

  30. When I began making my own beer, I wanted a name for my “brewery” to add to the labels for the bottles of beer I gave away to friends. Working in show business for 15 years, I decided on the name “Classic Rock Brewery”. The beers? “Sunshine Of Your Love – Cream Ale”. “Double Secret Probation” Ale was also a popular Christmas gift. “Hazy Shade of WitBier” “Rocktoberfest” and “Space Cowboy Ale” were also well received. Cheers!

  31. Crowley’s Ridge Brewery…since our water is perfect for brew and has been percolating from Arkansas through the artesian sands for many thousands of years before we before we can add it to our grain, hops and yeast to make the ideal beverage.

  32. Kings Brewery
    I was leaning towards Blues City Brewery, but with all of the kings that have come out of Memphis (i.e. Elvis, B.B. & JJ) it makes “Kings” a clear choice.

  33. Buford’s Blue Mule Brewhouse. Buford is my puppy’s name and the rest reflects the fact that Memphis was once the world mule capital, back when that was important. I also like that Bell Tavern idea somebody posted.

  34. The Best Brewery & Pub

    Need I say more??

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. Here in Memphis, you’ve gotta name it for the King! Maybe something like Ale House Rock!

  36. Crossroads brewery… The different brews would be named after different Robert Johnson tunes .

  37. The Library Brewhouse

    – bookshelves line the walls
    – waitresses in sexy librarian outfits
    – great excuse for college kids “I’m going to the Library”

    Signature beer: The Fuzzy Faulkner

  38. Cantina of the Remedies

    Because beer cures all human pains :)

  39. Mediaverse says:

    Name: Gulp.

    (Not an entry, just fun.)

  40. I will launch “Jackwinover Brewery” in 2019, in honor of the The Bluff City’s founders and bicentennial. It will have a 19th century Mid-Southern feel and semiweekly tours will be provided. | Est. 2019 Memphis, TN. Jackwinover Brewery, LLC. All rights reserved. #JWO

  41. Lindsey Steffgen says:

    I would call my brewery/brewpub Blonde Bear Brews because 3 B’s is better than 1 (Boscos)

  42. Chelsea says:

    “Honey Brew-Brew”

    My inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABzMAuI1vj0

    I’m pretty sure Alana would love to be the face of the brand.

  43. I would name it the Summer Salvation Brewery. A good cold beer on a nice hot day…not a lot is better than that.

  44. Big River Brewhaus… or has that already been taken? Maybe I’ll just get lucky!

  45. Wassim wahbi says:


    Fatty blonde
    Southern fatty
    Pale fatty

  46. Allison says:

    Fat Cat

  47. Posey4Shosey – it’s a name my freinds made up for me!

  48. River Barge Brewery

  49. Home of The Brews

    Starring Johnny Cash, but with influences of all southern artists. Craft beers only

  50. 99 Bottles

    only 99 bottles will be displayed at a time. The bar has to drink those 99 on the wall before the next 99 come out. Every time a new 99 is introduced, the whole bar has to sing the “99 bottles” verse, and the same when there is only 1 bottle.

  51. The King’s Arms.

    A nod to my English-ness, as well as to Elvis and B.B.

    But I don’t need tickets – I’ll be at session B already, serving some of my homebrew in the Bluff City Brewers’ tent! Mention this post, and I’ll give you a free taste ;)

  52. trey crews says:

    Crews Brews, because of my last name :P

  53. The Slaapkamer Brewery (slaapkamer is the Dutch word for bedroom). I lived in Dutch-speaking Belgium for two years, so the name is a tribute to my time there. Plus, my brewery would create Belgian-style beers that would be so strong, drink too many and they send you straight to your slaapkamer.

  54. Brewery: Two Kuehl Brews
    My brother (hence the play on brews/bros) and I brew together and our last name is “Kuehl” pronounced “Cool”. We also enjoy music and concert going, hence the music themed names.

    Our beers so far:
    …Caramel, Caramel, Chameleon – Caramel Milk Stout
    Deadhead Dortmunder – Spring Dortmunder
    Call Me Blondie – Blonde Ale
    Rockator Man Bock – Bock

  55. Lisbeth Berbary says:

    The Portable Mouth

  56. Uriel Dukes says:

    Honkytonk Hooch Brewery

  57. In honor of Rufus Thomas – the Push and Pull (the barkeep will be pulling pints). Other things on the menu could be the Funky Chicken Wings, the Walking the [Hot] Dog, etc.

  58. Cassandra says:

    Blown Seal Brews

    I’m not very good at this game, but I wanted to enter. My boyfriend and I are members of the Memphis Hash House Harriers. He got his hash nickname because it seems like he can’t drink more than 1/2 a beer without having to use the bathroom. We joke he has a “blown seal.” I suspect by the end of long night at a brewpub (such as the ah-mazingly awesome place I would have if I ever decided to open a pub), everyone has to break the seal at some point. Of course, my brewpub would have extra nice facilities. Ha!

  59. Thanks for all the entries! The contest is now closed. We’ll be contacting the winners soon.

  60. Congrats to Brittany and Jim! You’re our two random winners, via Random.org, which picked comments 28 and 32.

    Check your email inbox.

    We’ll pick our favorite entry later today.


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