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Flying Saucer in Downtown Memphis going smoke-free on July 1

June 11, 2011 By: mike Category: Craft beer, Favorite Bars, Memphis

In case you missed it, the Flying Saucer in Downtown Memphis — where you can grab a pint of 200  or so different beers — is banning smoking on July 1.

The news was delivered via Twitter at the beginning of June.

Flying Saucer tweet

Here’s some insight from Flying Saucer regular and Downtown blogger Paul Ryburn, who says the “whole enchilada” will be smoke-free, including the garden area:

There’s been a lot of discussion among regulars about this. I personally think this is an EXCELLENT move. There are a lot of people who don’t come to the Saucer because they don’t want their hair and clothes and tube tops to smell like smoke. Now they can come back. Also, the Saucer is a beer bar. The whole point is to find new beers you like and learn about them. You’ll be able to do that much better without cigarette smoke affecting your senses of smell and taste. [source]

Think you guys will go to the Saucer more when it goes smoke-free? Leave a comment below.

UPDATE: The Cordova location of the Flying Saucer is also going smoke-free on July 1. Thanks to Kenny for pointing that out in the comments.

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5 Comments to “Flying Saucer in Downtown Memphis going smoke-free on July 1”

  1. I will definitely go to the Saucer more often knowing that the smell will be gone. You can smell the saucer all the way up to the 4th/5th floor of the parking garage. My old roommate was a bartender there for about 2 years and his entire room would reek of that saucer smoke!

  2. I live near the Cordova location, and over the years it went back and forth a few times. Before the state ban in restaurants, you had a lot of smokers at night, but during the day it was relatively smoke free. During that period and the following no-smoking period, there was a broader clientele. When it became 21+ and allowed smoking, it became a haven for every smoker in several blocks who wanted to be able to smoke inside, and if you’re not a smoker it could get really unpleasant. (And if you care about properly evaluating the great beer, that became pointless.)

    Personally I’m happy about the change, and am anxious to see how it works out for them. It’s nice to have at least one bar to go to that is non-smoking.

  3. I can do without the stinking clothes and sinus congestion when trying to enjoy a meal and a few beers, so I am definitely looking forward to the change. I gave up when they started having cigars in the pool room. Now, if they would work on the food…it’s gotten a little better over the years, but it’s still mediocre considering the price and location.

  4. I go to the Cordova location about once a week and think it’s great news. The most annoying thing was smelling like smoke all day/night or a coat smelling like it for weeks afterwards. I am with Paul, the Saucer is where beer drinkers go for good beer and now we can do that without the smell and taste of cigarettes. I do wish they had a portion at both locations outside or in a separate room for cigar smokers, but people will be able to make do. As far as the food, I guess it’s a matter of personal opinion and what you order. I always get the queso, the pretzels, and mainly the Sheboygan side by side brats and 95% of the time they are all great. The space club is very good as well. All in all, I think this is a great move that will make many people’s trip to the Saucer a more enjoyable one.

    BTW On the Twitter feed for the Cordova location they announced this as well, so I believe it’s both locations.

  5. Glad to here this is true of the Cordova location also. I usually stop by once a week after work for a beer, it sure will be nice to not reek of smoke afterwards,


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