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Drinkin’ in Puerto Rico

April 11, 2011 By: grant Category: Travelin'

Medalla Light

'Scuse me miss, but you have a smudge on your shirt

Continuing my tradition of writing about my beer travels weeks or months after I’ve returned…

A while back my cousin Brian sent me a message asking what I was doing the following Wednesday. Working, I guess, I replied. Wanna go to Puerto Rico, he asked? Brian is a flight attendant, so I could fly at half-price.

Well, hell yes.

Brian and I are both alumns of West Virginia University (the ‘Eers won!), and they were due to play  Davidson in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, so the plan was we’d screw around in San Juan, attend the game, do some more screwin around, and head home.

Which is exactly what we did. We had a blast at the game, pretended we were pirates at the forts on old San Juan, and ate some fantastic food.

We hit plenty of bars (shocker, I know) in Condado, San Juan, and spent most evenings shooting the shit by the shore.

We never made it to any brewpubs downtown, but it’s hard to beat the sea spray on a warm evening, even if all that’s being served are pilseners.

I’ll be heading back to Puerto Rico in a few months and hope to get beyond the island’s ever-present brew, Medalla Light, and various imported light lagers, and find some actual craft brew.

Anybody got any good recommendations?

Medalla Light Goddamn delicious Yes, please.
Ship wreck! Once again for good measure Don Cholito
WTF Evacuation plan...?
DELICIOUS TACOS Spooks Fort park
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1 Comments to “Drinkin’ in Puerto Rico”

  1. When I’ve been in Puerto Rico I never really bothered with craft beer, because there just really isn’t any. I’ve never made it to Old Harbor Brewery in San Juan, which is I think the only brewpub on the island.

    I generally drink Medalla, as cold as you can get it, and when I really need something else a Sam Adams or something from a hotel bar…sad I know.

    If you want “craft” try some locally produced, small batch rums. And have an octopus mofongo for me! Have a great trip.


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