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FuzzyBrew had a helluva showing at the 2011 Bluff City Brewers Extravaganza

February 23, 2011 By: grant Category: Competition, Events, Homebrew, Memphis

Medals -- 2011 Bluff City Brewers Extravaganza

Congrats to all the participants and winners in the 2011 Bluff City Brewers Extravaganza homebrew competition! And big ups to everyone who made it happen.

Oh, and it’s braggin’ time. Each FuzzyBrewer brought home a medal!

Jeff placed second in the Porter category for a quite tasty Robust Porter, which, according to the column on the right there, he’s got on tap. Party at Jeff’s?

Mike, who earlier won second place in Chattanooga’s 2010 Fugetaboutit homebrew competition for his Northern English Brown Ale, won third place in the European Amber Lager category for his Oktoberfest.

Award winnerAnd I won second in the Fruit Beer category for my Magic Hat #9 clone, based mostly on this recipe. Mike took a funny video of me testing the gravity after fermentation a few weeks ago.

Check out the full results here. To see photos from the judging, go here.

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1 Comments to “FuzzyBrew had a helluva showing at the 2011 Bluff City Brewers Extravaganza”

  1. Congrats and good show guys! I was glad to see all the Memphians hold their own, even with the large number of entries!


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