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Fermentation = bubbles

January 05, 2011 By: grant Category: Homebrew, Memphis, Video

Mike and I brewed a coupla beers this weekend. In the video I say Saturday but it was Sunday. It felt like Saturday though, since we started way early. It was cold and that bright sky orb had not yet shown up. Also I got a video camera for Festivus so I’ll let my recorded ramblings tell the story. And for what it’s worth, I’m not drunk in this video. It’s just a really bright light that I am unaccustomed to.

Also, in case you’re wondering about the fermentation chamber set-up, I’ve got a 60-watt bulb rigged as a heater for when it gets too cold. The towels keep the brew from getting light-struck, and the non-CFL bulb emits a lot of heat for that small space. Has been working like a charm for some time now.

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3 Comments to “Fermentation = bubbles”

  1. What is this, the Blair witch brew project?

  2. Great job, very clear video, I enjoyed the headlamp(it seemed) guiding the way into the sketchy neighbor’s garage. I mean Grants garage.


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