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Wisconsin craft brew beerventures

November 29, 2010 By: grant Category: Breweries, Travelin'

Horny Goat Brewery


Back in October, Carrie and I flew up to Wisconsin for a vacation weekend that included a Badgers game with friends a bunch of drinkin’.

Carrie’s folks picked us up from the airport in Milwaukee, and we headed immediately to The Horny Goat Brewing Company for lunch. I had an excellent burger and a couple Hopped Up ‘N Horny, which was delicious.

Horny Goat is brewed and bottled in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, but they’ve expanded and opened the Milwaukee location earlier this year. It’s right on the Milwaukee River, and most of its seating is outside on a deck. There’s a covered and heated patio, and they plan to add an additional tent to protect patrons from the elements. This is important since Wisconsin is cold 10 months out of the year and there’s not a lot of seating indoors. There’s also a massive beach volleyball court for those two warm months of July and August.

Indoors is nice — it’s a narrow, two story building with lots of exposed brick and it reminded me of an old loft apartment I once rented.

Horny Goat Brewery equipment

Horny Goat Brewery equipment

They hadn’t yet begun brewing on the premises, though most of the equipment was in place. I’m looking forward to visiting again next time we’re in Wisconsin. I’ll definitely be bringing some bottles back, too.

We spent the next coupla days in Madison, bar-hopping Friday night and tailgating Saturday before the game.

We had some excellent brews Friday night.

Madison is a great beer town. We bounced from bar to bar, most of whose names escape me, and there were always good selections and decent prices.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale at our first stop, which put me right as rain for the rest of the evening.

We ended the night at The Old Fashioned Tavern & Restaurant, which was serving Tyranena Brewing Company’s Bitter Woman IPA in pitchers for $9.

It’s safe to say more than a few of these were consumed.

Bitter Woman IPA



The next day we tailgated in some parking lot next to the cop shop and did a little damage with a different kind of beer.

We’ll be headed back to the great white north this Christmas and you can be sure I’ll be hauling as much Wisconsin beer back to Memphis as will fit.

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6 Comments to “Wisconsin craft brew beerventures”

  1. I hope that you can take in a couple other Milwaukee breweries while there next time. Lakefront is a great tour and deserves recognition, especially since it sounds like Horny Goat took a page out of Lakefront’s success by opening another brewery in Milwaukee.

  2. Yeah man I’d like to check out Lakefront. I’ve had a few of their beers and really liked them but haven’t actually made it to the pub yet.

  3. If you check you data you might find it was warmer in the Badger State than it was in Tennessee last April! So knock off the two months of warm weather reference, just because you had world record heat this past year does not make everywhere else frigid.
    Be sure to visit the two brew houses in Delafield when in North Lake, always enjoy the seasonal beers they offer.

  4. I’ve heard great things about New Glarus, and they only distribute in Wisconsin.

  5. Grant brought me back some New Glarus Crack’d Wheat that I was really impressed with. It’s a Hef dry hopped with amarillo.


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