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Coconut water will save your ass from a hangover

September 23, 2010 By: grant Category: Beer learnin'

Coconut will save you from your hangoverThere’s not exactly a silver bullet to blast into the heart of your hangover. I’m a fan of B12 as a preventative measure, along with a glass of water before bed, and maybe some VitaminWater in the morning after an ice-cold Mountain Dew. But that’s just me.

Time Magazine has a better idea: coconut water. Say whaaat?

10 years ago, when the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was granted a patent — the first ever given to a U.N. agency — for bottling coconut water in a way that preserves its nutrients, an FAO official noted that the drink contains the same five electrolytes found in human blood (Gatorade has only two). He called coconut water “the fluid of life.” Indeed, in medical emergencies, coconut water has been used intravenously when conventional hydration fluids were not available. [source]

Well that sounds awesome. How have I not heard of this before? Adding it to the grocery list pronto.

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6 Comments to “Coconut water will save your ass from a hangover”

  1. I am a coconut water fanatic! This stuff is amazing and most definitely the best sports drink out there. No high fructose corn sweeteners or twenty spoonfuls of sugar to crash your system. I’ve never used it to cure a hangover but if you plan to sweat buckets, this is the best, particularly Zico and O.N.E. The other bands can have a funky cereal milk taste. I could go on and on……

  2. This is amazing. I’ve never even heard of this stuff! I may have to stop on the way home and pick some up.

  3. Um, does it taste like coconut? Cause that’s just gross.

  4. It tastes way worse than coconut. But the electrolytes point above is interesting…

    I’ve always been a proponent of V8 and cartoons as a hangover cure.

  5. I’ve heard the Bikram fanatics talk about coconut water. I think an experiment is in order this weekend!

  6. Lisbeth Berbary says:

    That is bullshit. You’ve hear of it. All of you! I brought loads of it to Bonnaroo!


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